We develop business strategies
for the future.

Over more than 20 years of activity, we have grown in a sustained manner, with rigor, commitment, and focus.

ZP is a multinational company with Portuguese capital, which started its activity in 1999, with a franchising concept of distribution and after-sales services of water dispensers and non-returnable mineral water bottles for business. The rapid growth of the portfolio of business customers in Portugal leveraged diversification and in 2001 we introduced Zalli Cafés in the Portuguese market, an Italian brand of espresso coffee, aimed at the business market, with customized solutions, machine installations, fast deliveries, a selection of premium coffees and accessories, and with an excellent service in pre- and post-sales assistance. Following a favorable reception of the brand, we expanded and started marketing to non-business customers, with the same level of service available to companies.

In 2003, we started expanding beyond the Portuguese borders, with the commercialization of several products in the African continent in very diversified areas. The know-how acquired in this market, especially in Angola, allowed us to diversify and start consulting services to support the internationalization processes of several national and international clients.


Over the years, we have developed several actions of social awareness from which we highlight the provision of mineral water bottles to AMI – International Medical Assistance and the pro bono volunteering of our administration in project management in non-profit organizations.


Today, we are a seasoned enterprise, distinguished numerous times with the PME Líder and PME Excelência awards. We have grown and diversified into several business areas over more than 20 years of activity, in a sustained manner, with rigor, commitment, and focus.


Constantly moving, we develop a business strategy, future-oriented and based on value creation. We are a multidisciplinary team with the ability to manage mature business, to identify new business opportunities with high potential, and to lead restructuring processes for business.


Our values drive our actions and reflect our corporate culture:










The ZP Group, began its internationalization process in 2003, and currently has offices in Lisbon and Luanda, maintaining ongoing trade relations with more than 15 countries, working with more than 200 brands in various business areas.

This includes operations, services to third parties, representative offices, representation agreements, and partnerships.

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