ZP is a multinational company that manages a diversified portfolio of business in areas such as healthcare, consulting, food, hospitality, and real estate.


ZP has extensive experience in marketing healthcare goods and services.


In 2012, it created a business area dedicated to the import, export, distribution and marketing of optical products, equipment, and medical devices, mainly for the areas of ophthalmology, ENT, and audiology. Among its exclusive representatives for African markets are some of the most prestigious brands worldwide in their sectors.


Development for clients of projects and assembly of clinical areas for consultation and diagnostic examinations, with high technology equipment, in the specialties of ophthalmology, optometry, ENT, and audiology. Maintenance and technical assistance services for medical equipment.


We hold training initiatives in optics and visual healthcare.


Developing a competitive edge

At ZP, we develop solutions through a set of  services, oriented for each industry, helping companies prosper and realize their full potential.


We are a multidisciplinary and specialized senior team, developing business strategies, future-oriented and based on value creation, with the ability to manage business, identify new business opportunities with high potential, and lead restructuring processes of companies or national and international business, focusing on the Angolan market.


Our goal is, above all else, to make our clients achieve high levels of profitability and that their brands achieve high prestige and international notoriety — that is our commitment.


The ZP group markets a selection of food products, water, coffee, and accessories — both in the business and domestic markets.

Here, we highlight the marketing, since 2001, of the espresso coffee brand Zalli, which, positioning itself in the business and domestic markets, presents a selection of coffees and accessories, with an excellent price-quality ratio, exclusively through direct sales and with 48-hour deliveries. Our level of service and the quality of Café Zalli have guaranteed us a loyal customer base for over a decade.


| Origins of Café Zalli

Since 1932, and over more than 90 years, the Italian espresso moved from being a artisan roasting family business into a modern industrial complex — preserving the true essence of coffee, controlling the weight of each bean and its purity through sensory analysis and tasting, and following the roasting rules and a series of controls that greatly improve the quality of the final product.


The exquisite selection of the product and the rigor of each phase of the process are a precious asset of its artisanal process, which they combine with advanced technological techniques to achieve the product’s quality standard.


Its sophisticated production and packaging system ensures superior performance levels and integration of internal processes.


The care and dedication in each phase of the production process guarantee a high-quality product: this is the value of Zalli coffee.


| Zalli Lots

Zalli is an Italian coffee, selected from the best Arabica and Robusta lots of supreme quality, subjected to rigorous control at each stage of production, which makes Zalli coffee an espresso with a unique aroma and intense flavor accompanied by a long-lasting, homogeneous, and dense cream.


Individually packaged, the single-serve pods offer a more efficient, clean, economical, and convenient way to prepare your espresso coffee, while keeping the quality of Zalli’s aroma and freshness intact.


> Vero Rosso, intense, of robust quality, full-bodied, strong and creamy.

> Dolce Nero, exquisite, smooth, and refined; characterized by an intense flavor and aroma.

> Decaffeinated, smooth; for those who can’t resist enjoying a quality espresso, but with less caffeine.




The ZP group, entered the hotel business in 2018, with the acquisition of a hostel in the center of Lisbon, in a secular restored building, right next to the famous Av. da Liberdade. In 2020, as a result of our sustainability concerns and wellbeing of our guests, we started a profound change in the hostel’s concept, which began with the creation of a new brand and remodeling the space for the greater comfort of our guests.


Thus, the GREEN HEART brand was created, with a unique environment that combines a modern and innovative concept with ecological and sustainable concerns, where you can find several accommodation options, from dormitories, to single and double rooms, with the possibility to opt for private bathroom. There are also double rooms with balcony overlooking the city of Lisbon, where you can enjoy the magnificent light of our city.



Real estate is one of the ZP Group’s investment areas, always focused on excellence, solidification and strategic vision of its enterprises.


Within the scope of real estate management, we have developed the following integrated services:

> Implementation of a commercial strategy

> Lease management and negotiation

> Licenses and Insurance

> Operational management and operation of the building/property

> Financial and legal management

> Technical management and cost control

> Immediate resolution of occurrences

> Checking repairs and work coordinating efforts

> Maintenance of equipment and facilities

> Budgets, invoicing, and collection management

> Proposals for improvements in buildings’ efficiency and architecture

> Execution of architectural and design projects, works supervision, asset management

> Management reports