Consulting in internationalization efforts, supporting the expansion processes and introduction in foreign markets of our partners and customers, in different geographies with special focus on Angola.

We develop advisory processes for the commercialization of products and services in foreign markets, minimizing costs and risks, and maximizing profits.

Developing a competitive edge by positioning the organization to achieve long-term success, through innovations that align with the overall vision of the business in an objective and efficient manner.


Improving existing innovation plans and practices, while ensuring that innovative ideas exceed expected results and make the company stand out in the marketplace.


Stimulating, developing, and implementing sustainable innovation strategies based on current trends and practices. Promoting a culture of idea sharing and innovation in the organization and its employees, focusing on efficiency. Monitor and define success KPIs.

Strategic and operational consulting in supply chain management. Planning and optimizing resources and performance of logistics processes. Identification, improvement recommendations and quality standardization of processes along the supply chain.


Detailed assessment of all process steps aiming for recommendations for order cycle reduction and/or stock rotation and solutions for stock imbalances.


Optimization of the purchasing process, through supplier evaluation and selection, negotiation, contract management, procurement of goods and services, cost reduction, and supplier performance evaluation. Strategic analysis for contracting the best partners and freight forwarding solutions.


Using feasibility studies to implement or redefine logistical-financial of new distribution centers.